Online Poker Rooms In Comparison

Poker players have many poker rooms, between, if they wish to play poker. The most popular online poker room is All Slots Mobile Casino, but you can also find smaller poker rooms such as Lucky Ace Poker, Doyle rooms and William Hill Poker. The disadvantage of the smaller poker rooms is that the smaller rooms have fewer players, and the chance of the same players is hit more than once greater than if, for example, play PokerStars. This makes the note function in the small poker rooms very important because you can take notes on a player and when you meet him again, you know exactly how he plays.

Of course, the memo is also a great tool in the larger room, but the chance to meet someone you have written a note, is small and if you have a month does not play online poker every day or maybe just one or two times, you should not on the note function. This is a basic rule about the poker rooms.

The user interface
The larger poker rooms are all different. Full Tilt Poker has a nice user interface and if I should choose to play at a poker room, on the basis of the user interface only, I would definitely choose to play at Full Tilt Poker. The user interface at Poker Stars is very old and I do not really like. It reminds me somehow of parchment paper from the time of Leonardo Da Vinci, which has nothing to do with poker. PKR is very unique when it comes. Around the user interface, which is, of course, because it is to interact in 3D, and you can use your avatar, but many find it frivolous and I think the average age of the PKR player is low

The prize money
Poker would be a whole different ball game if it was not for the money. The various online poker rooms organize tournaments and actually a lot of tournaments daily. Not only is the main prize of the user buy-in percentage for the tournament, it is often a prize that caused the online poker room. When it comes to prize money, PokerStars the best turns out to be. You can always find a tournament with a huge prize money. Full Tilt Poker is also good, but they are too many satellite tournaments. PKR tournaments are fun, but the amount of prize money is incredibly low.

The number of players
The number of players on an online poker room is actually very important. If there are few players (under 10,000), it says something about the difficulties and the basic rules when the prize money is low, the difficulty of the poker room is also low, because good players never to play low stakes poker. According to the figures, has PokerStars players far more than any other online poker room, and all of the day is. The reason could be the fact that PokerStars is running commercials be on many different channels. Full Tilt Poker has almost as many players as PokerStars, PokerStars, but still has the most. Not choose real poker players, PKR, because they play for the money, not for the experience.

Of course there are many factors why a poker room is better than the other, but there are three factors are relevant for all poker rooms. PokerStars Tops two out of three with Full Tilt Poker as a follow-up. This is really funny because they offer the same bonus if you sign up.