PokerStrategy quiz answers

What is PokerStrategy and what it does

For those who are new to online poker there is a poker school called with more than 1.5 million members PokerStrategy world, free education and even a free sponsorship of U.S. $ 50 offer for new players give their quiz. Many new poker players ask the question: Why do they need you to pass a quiz? The answer is simple: By the quiz, they ensure that the player is the minimum knowledge, the better the player, the better for them.

PokerStrategy quiz answers

There are 20 questions, most of these questions are related before the flop and if you are not familiar with the starting poker hands, there is a resource that is called a tremendous help PokerStrategy quiz can give answers
The said resource will answer all pre-flop-related questions and you can save time for questions hared. Remember, though, that there is a time limit of 30 minutes to pass the quiz.

Once you have given the correct answers to the quiz PokerStrategy be a $ 50 free money credited in your account, money that you can later transfer to any poker room Poker Strategy affiliated with,, the list of such spaces section Profile Settings, see.

Finally PokerStrategy is a great community that has all the tools a beginner needs are news and various articles with various inserts also improving skills and providing training for the poker players.