Top 5 Poker Books

There are hundreds of poker books these days for beginners and for experienced players see Whether you are after some basic strategy or some advanced techniques, you will find the book for you. And with many poker lovers on their holiday in the next few weeks it might be useful to take a good book, so here are 5 of my favorite books are specifically for poker lovers;

The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky

Although this book is not the easiest of reads, and certainly not to start the book from the learning, it is still a must for anyone who is serious about winning read. It contains information on odds, psychology, strategy, and enables players to make the right decisions which is of course what makes a successful poker player.

Doyle Brunsons Super System: A Course in Power Poker by Doyle Brunson

Everyone who loves poker is to have heard of Doyle Brunson. And although this book seem like an antique, published in the 70s, its not that the rules of Poker have changed since then, so it still has value. This book is probably not the best reading for first timers, but it is still a must for serious poker players. The book has helped a little reputation, probably by Doyle Brunson own reputation, that for the poker bible. The techniques and concepts covered in the book semi-advanced players and for players who have opined a good knowledge of the game.

Harrington on Holdem Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments by Dan Harrington

This book discusses some of the benefits of different ways to play poker and may encounter different types of enemies. Any good poker player knows that in order for the game to be successful, read a certain amount of observation and people to have take place is. No matter how you prefer to play poker, sometimes a particular style, stand to gain the best chance required. Even the conservative player must play aggressively at times and vice versa. For all that the confrontation with their own personal style of play or for players who fancy a change but are not sure the best way to go about it straight then this book is perfect.

Holdem Poker by David Sklansky

Here is a book, perfect for newbies. The aim is to understand the players a good company, how to play poker and earn money with it. Not only that, but once you get to read this book and got a good sound understanding of Hold Em, then you can always move to know some of the advanced books that you are well prepared. Means that he would work to limit the chances for insurance companies and their risks author of the book Sklansky previously worked as an actuary. So who is better new players for a game, working from probability and know when to make the right decisions involves prepare? You could relatively new to the game, but already had a series of successes that does not mean that this book is not the place for you. It is a disciplined and experienced players to take with a solid knowledge of the probabilities to win consistently in a position for an extended period of time.

Caro Book of Poker Tells by Mike Caro

Mike Caro is an expert on poker strategy, psychology and statistics. He is the author of 10 books sold privately and advanced strategies for poker. Caros Book of Poker Tells focuses in particular on the art and science of tells the physical giveaways by players on their hands. The book features photos of players in action and explanations when players are bluffing and when they do not Caros. With a better understanding of how the other players and the hands they can read, you have to have a distinct advantage at the table. And why not make your opponent gestures, words and body language against them in order to win all their money! This book is a must for anyone who wants to be a success in the poker world.

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